Songs & Stories

  • Song & Story #6 - Bottle Baby Boogie

    This song was originally recorded by the great Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys. Hopefully this old number will get you dancing and make you laugh - or “put a chuckle in your shuffle” (trademark, James Carothers 2019).

  • Song & Story #5 - Comin' Home To You

    From Jerry Lee... A lot of songwriters can write songs from the third person easily but that was never the case with me. All of my songs were always so personal. So I sat down that day outside of myself and wrote a song about how I felt the end of a day should feel to someone in love.

  • Song & Story #4 - Papaw's Little Truck

    Hope this one takes you back to the days of little Datsuns, Couriers, Luvs and all the other mechanical marvels that our forefathers pioneered with!

  • Song & Story #3 - Lefty Songs

    The mastermind behind this song is Mr. Gary Lee Gentry, who wrote some of my favorite songs in the world. Here’s a little video we made so you can see for yourself what a character he is...
  • Song & Story #2 - I Know Too Many Women At This Bar (feat. Wade Landry)

    “I need a dag-gum Cajun song is what I need,” I yelled through the cell phone. The cell phone was on the “speaker” setting and I poured my heart out (hands-free), to the fiddle player on the other end of the line...
  • Song & Story #1 - Crazy Man

    Whatever kind of craziness you got going on in life, here’s a little of mine with “crazy” right there in the title.